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cctv security systems - intruder alarms - access control - installation, maintenance & carecameratech projects ltd of Cardiff, South Wales

Cameratech Projects are an experienced CCTV solutions company based in Cardiff, South Wales. We install security solutions for businesses of all sizes, whether it's offices, warehouses or construction sites, we can design systems to your specifications and help deliver a quality service and installation at a competitive price.

For domestic and commercial properties across Cardiff and South Wales we are installers of intruder alarms and remote monitoring systems to help provide a level of security to your home or premises, allowing businesses to monitor their premises from a distance.

With so many different types of intruder alarms and security systems on the market, it can be difficult to choose what's right for your requirements. We offer advice to businesses across Cardiff and South Wales looking to upgrade their security systems to use 4K and HD technology. As camera technology is becoming crisper and clearer, many businesses are looking to upgrade their CCTV and security infrastructures to make use of these technologies in order to keep their premises safer and monitor potentially hazardous situations.

Cameratech Projects can take care of the design and installation of your HD & 4K CCTV system, helping to upgrade your systems at a competitive price and help you keep a crystal clear watch on your business. If you are local to Cardiff or the surrounding area of South Wales, speak to a member of our installation team and we will be able to help you identify and install the right intruder alarm or security system for your needs.


CCTV Installers South Wales

Cameratech Projects offer bespoke designed CCTV and Security Systems across Cardiff & South Wales, providing you with more than just security. CCTV acts as a major deterrent to perpetrators of crime, and is also a valuable resource in the proof of crime process. In addition to security, camera usage is growing more popular for health and safety monitoring. Whether you are monitoring food production areas, hazardous warehouse areas or playground areas we have a wide range of equipment that can be tailored for your specific circumstances. The devil in the detail, is a combination of integrated surveillance systems and products that will enhance the management control of your organisation.


dedication and experience

We are a company that prides itself on delivering quality CCTV installations on time and within budget. Whether you’re looking for a one camera system or hundreds, our installation team can handle your requirements. Our aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction and exceed your expectations by providing an effective and affordable solution for your home, business. school, college or organisation. We are SSAIB certified, and our consultants and engineers have many years experience in the industry.


HD & 4k technology

The benefits of HD & 4K CCTV have a significant influence on modern crimefighting. Police are able to better monitor potentially hazardous situations, identify and persue suspects and provide clearer evidence in court. The significantly higher resolution of 4K (around four times sharper than regular HD) allows for far greater recognition of criminal perpetrators. Many of our customers are re-evaluating their current systems and taking advice on the powerful resolution new 4K technology provides. With the improvements in remote monitoring, our latest systems are quite simply the best solutions available today.

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Cameratech Projects Ltd was incorporated in early 2005. Our Head Office is near Cowbridge, 10 miles west of Cardiff, South Wales. The company offers bespoke designed CCTV systems to provide you with more than just security. A combination of systems and products that will enhance the management control of your business. We are a company that prides itself on delivering quality installations on time and within budget.
Our aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction and exceed your expectations by providing effective and affordable solutions across Cardiff and South Wales.

reputationour clients

Cameratech has built a considerable reputation in various market sectors and have had pleasure carrying out contracts for companies throughout Cardiff and South Wales such as: McDonalds Restaurants, Cashino Gaming Stores (120), Mira Showers, various councils and public authorities, Harris Pye Marine, G E Aircraft, Enterprise Rent A Car, N Power (Aberthaw Power Station), La Farge plc, Corus plc along with various public authorities and large and small independents. Based near Cardiff, South Wales, Cameratech covers the whole of Wales and the rest of the UK, especially London and the South West of England.

up to speedvery latest technology

We provide all-environment monitoring systems to protect premises against intrusion, vandalism and fraud. Our advanced digital video CCTV systems with analytics and “visual tracking device” will ensure documentation of events allowing the audit of criminal activity. Reaching beyond traditional security, our systems allow clients to control access for single or multi-site premises anywhere in the world. Our systems provide integration with critical business operations.

Specialists in 4k - HD-sdi - Full HD - & IP CCTV Camera systemscameratech projects ltd


video: McDonalds franchise

Mr Ron Mounsey, owner of 15 McDonalds restaurants explains why he uses Cameratech Projects to install and maintain his CCTV security systems.



At Jump Jam, the safety and well-being of it's customers is paramount and their Full HD 24-camera system comprising 4 and 2 megapixel cameras provides 24/7 monitoring of all areas.


video: DR HoWEL DAVIEs

Dr Howel Davies tells us why he selected Cameratech Projects to provide the security systems for his surgery, pharmacy and his home.

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